At STFC, we take care of all of our players.



Scholarships at South Tahoe Futbol Club

STFC does not believe money should be a barrier to any player's participation in the Club.  Therefore, we have set money aside in our budget for player scholarships to help defer the costs of playing soccer for STFC.  


Who is eligible?

Up to three (3) players per team may submit scholarship requests.


How much is available per player?

The scholarship amount is capped at $50 per player.

Please note: this is in addition to scholarships available directly from GBYSL to cover their league fees.  See the Scholarship page on for more info.


What fees are covered?

The scholarship can be applied to: GBYSL fees, tournament fees, or uniform costs.


How do I submit?

The player or parent will submit a scholarship request form and the player must write an accompanying essay.


How are the scholarships reviewed?

A sub-committee of the STFC Board will review all scholarship requests.  The sub-committee will determine the award amount, and may consult the player's head coach or manager during this process.


How is the money distributed?

If a scholarship is awarded, it will be distributed to head coach or manager of the player's team.  This will prevent the need to reimburse the player, as the scholarship amount will reduce the relevant fee the player owes.


Can anyone be denied?

Yes.  If a player has been placed in bad standing with GBYSL or NYSA or any other soccer league that has a reciprocity agreement with GBYSL or NYSA.


Will recipient of scholarship funds be required to do anything else?

Each scholarship recipient will be asked to perform 3 to 5 hours of community service for the league.  This may include help with the annual Come Up For Air Tournament.  Failure to complete hours could result in future denial for players.


Are there any other limitations an applicant should be aware?

Yes, if a family requests more than one scholarship, i.e. 2 or more children in the family, then the maximum amount to be awarded may be 50% of the amount the committee is able to disburse per request in the season.